Inside Look: Greet de Rechter

What is your role in Serve the City Maastricht?  Hi, my name is Greet de Rechter. I have a big passion for the people in Maastricht. As a family, we are socially involved with the foundations [...]

Making an Ympact: Porta Serves the City

1 dream of 2 students 1 school brave enough to bring this dream alive 1 student council with numerous passionate students who support this project 3 foodbanks who get products out of this project [...]

Walk For Freedom

Every 30 seconds someone is forced into modern slavery. 99% of the victims are NEVER saved. A21 has developed an effective four-way strategy against trafficking in human beings: prevention, [...]

Reporting in from Porta Serves the City!

Poverty. Many of us think that it is only found in far countries. But this is not true. Let’s zoom in on our city, Maastricht. At first sight, it seems like it is a rich city; but when you [...]

Cross the Line

On March 26th, 2017, Serve the City kicked off its first ‘Cross the Line’ Community Dinner, which aimed at crossing lines to build bridges and connect people from different walks of life and [...]

Hello World!

Welcome to Serve the City Maastricht! We are a movement of volunteers that want to serve others by showing kindness in practical ways. Maastricht is a very international city, with people from [...]

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