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It’s nice that you want to do something for someone in your city as a volunteer. Serve the City Maastricht aims to connect the city by helping each other. We are in direct contact with vulnerable residents, volunteers and all kinds of social organizations. Serve the City Maastricht believes it is extremely important to respect the individuality, culture and traditions of others.

This code of conduct provides clear guidance on how we want to interact with each other and what agreements we make together. The code of conduct is intended as a guideline for everyone involved in STC Maastricht. There are not ready-made solutions for all situations and circumstances. Of course, not everything can be captured in rules. Below you will find a number of key points of our code of conduct (our values ​​and standards) that we believe are important for you to endorse.

  1. Safety comes first! Clearly indicate your boundaries and inform the coordinator if you feel unsafe somewhere. For example, are you concerned about the home situation of the person seeking help? Please contact the coordinator, even if you have any doubts!
  2. You go out for a specific request for help. Some people seeking help ask you to do more than previously agreed. Consider whether you want this and inform us if the person seeking assistance wants to expand the request for assistance. We will then discuss this or refer the person seeking help to a professional institution.
  3. We think it is important that both you and the person seeking help feel comfortable and safe. This means that you respect the other person and act accordingly. All forms of unequal treatment such as bullying, aggression, abuse of power, discriminatory, racist, sexist or intimidating behavior or comments, or incitement to do so, are inadmissible.
  4. Confidentiality. We work with (vulnerable) people seeking help and come into contact with data and matters that affect the privacy of the person seeking help. If you work through STC Maastricht, you agree to be discreet with regard to personal information of any kind. This means that you do not share information about the person requesting assistance with third parties unless explicit permission has been given. This also applies to taking photo or film material and distributing it on Social Media. STC Maastricht will also handle your data confidentially.
  5. Help is given voluntarily: do not accept gifts or money (above fifteen euros). If the person seeking assistance offers this, please let the coordinator know. Donations may be made for the benefit of the foundation.
  6. Volunteer work is not entirely without obligation; it is important to keep agreements made.
  7. If something goes wrong, take responsibility, be open and ask for help or guidance.
  8. STCM works without a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG). Trust and giving from your heart is central to us. Is this also what you have in mind? Then you are very welcome to join our network.

Thank you for all your help, support and efforts at Serve the City Maastricht. Do you have questions about our code of conduct? Let us know via +31(6) 11 06 87 87 or info@stcmaastricht.nl.

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