Els has just retired, with her time she wants to do something meaningful

Els is from our area; she lives and works here. Els has just retired, and previously had a job as a school counselor and student advisor. Els is wondering how to spend her days meaningfully in this new phase of life.

Fatima is a lot younger and at the beginning of her career. She was born and raised here, and has a different skin color. Fatima has autism and often feels different from others. Fatima is incredibly intellectual and looking for a job that suits her.

Els and Fatima met at Serve the City. They sat next to each other at the table. Fatima and her mother had a nice click with Els. Both were looking for their destination and so they discovered that they could find it through each other. Els, with her professional background and experience, heard Fatima’s story and knew immediately that she could help her. Els was able to help Fatima and her mother find a good place to work and education.

Now they see each other almost every week. One of them had come to the end of her career, and the other who was just starting. Els and Fatima were both looking for their place in life and they found this with each other. A nice ‘bonus’ is that Fatima and her mother are involved in almost every Serve the City activity. Her mother regularly says to us, “I have never seen her so happy. She likes to show her gratitude to us by preparing delicious meals for our volunteers. She wants to give something back in her way.


The NOAH program reduces loneliness. The story of Els and Fatima makes that very clear. If you want to be a NOAH, sign up here.

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