Inside Look with Rouschka : Big Volunteer Day

Why did you choose to volunteer with Serve the City?

I volunteered with Serve The City because I am very interested in meeting all kinds of new people! I see the BVD as the perfect opportunity to meet and connect with all sorts of people.

Which project did you choose and why?

The project that I helped with was visiting the elderly, and during that time I helped a lady to make some crafts. We made a photo frame together!

I decided to choose this project in particular because the lady was very enthusiastic, and her enthusiasm rubbed off on me. And since I love doing crafts myself, it was a win win situation! The lady seemed really nice, and we had a nice time together.

What did you hope to achieve during the Big Volunteer Day?

When I initially arrived, I thought that the BVD was going to be a lot bigger, in terms of the amount of volunteers, but I’m glad that we had a streamlined and smaller team than I expected, because it allowed us to interact with and pay more attention to the residents we visited. For me, I wanted to connect with different kinds of people, and I did – so it was a great day and I loved it! The experience was very positive, and everyone in the project that we visited was so happy that we were there that it made me personally more happy to be there and share the joy with everybody. 

It was just so lovely to connect with people with different learning abilities and still find common ground through jokes, crafts and games.

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