Serve the City organizes a monthly community dinner for people from different backgrounds to enjoy a fully catered meal with the aim of helping them connect with each other. During a community dinner, people sit at a table with people they have never met before. Senior citizens sit with and get to know young people, students connect with refugees and visitors in Maastricht get to know the locals. You can volunteer with us to help prepare for this evening; getting the food ready and cooking together, looking after kids, playing music for our guests, organising games or just sitting with them at the table and connecting with them and helping them connect with others.

Register as a volunteer at one of the Community dinners and discover that it is very easy to make a difference in someone’s life.


  • A lady attended the first Community dinner as a guest; she had received an invitation through a food bank. She got into a conversation with a volunteer and after a while indicated that she was in a tough life situation. On the bright side, she had been assigned a house. However, she was very concerned about the move as she did not have a social network that she could call upon. After listening to her story, the volunteer offered to help her. This volunteer also mobilized four other volunteers to help with the move. That evening left such an impression on this guest that she attends every Community dinner. She comes step by step from the isolation, makes contacts, is pampered with care and attention by the volunteers and is open to providing assistance. Serve the City has referred her to a social network.

    Anonymous Volunteer

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