Big Volunteer Day 

I want to help my neighborhood, but I don’t know how.

Are you from Maastricht and want to make Maastricht even more beautiful?

You have some free time and would love to help vulnerable residents from Maastricht?


Become a volunteer for a day and discover that it is very easy to make a difference in the life of someone else just by being yourself!

The Big Volunteer Day is a day on which you can help someone in your own city by registering for a project that suits you. A beauty salon for people with a disability, building a children’s corner together with the residents of a crisis shelter, creating a community garden together with vulnerable youngsters, playing volleyball with asylum seekers, baking cookies with children, walking with the elderly in the city … – this is the way Serve the City would like to connect our city by helping each other. Serve the City aims to help each other whilst we get to know each other better as residents of Maastricht.


  • The Big Volunteer Day is the perfect opportunity to meet and connect with all sorts of people. The experience was very positive, and everyone in the project that we visited was so happy that we were there that it made me personally more happy to be there and share the joy with everybody.  It was just so lovely to connect with people with different learning abilities and still find common ground through jokes, crafts and games.

    Rouschka Volunteer
  • I really like the idea behind STC, which is to go out and do things to help people. I also really like the STC initiative in connecting someone who needs something with someone that can provide it, be it time or resources or something else. Volunteering with STC is also a great way to get out there in the city amongst people whom you wouldn't normally come across.

    Martin van Brakel Project Leader
  • I chose to be part of the team that prepared lunch for the volunteers. I chose this project because I like to cook, and so I enjoy cooking for other people. It's a very Portuguese thing.  I want to help create an environment where everyone feels welcomed and that they feel like they can approach others and make a difference.

    Rodrigo Volunteer
  • When we work together with social organisations in the city, we get to know where more of the needs and problems are and we also learn who needs our help the most. Social organisations have lots of work that they can do, and are glad to have extra volunteers who can assist them in helping different communities. Serve the City stands in that gap.

    Daniel Herbers Project Leader
  • I helped out at the refugee centre and played games with the refugee children. I chose this project in particular because I have a very international background and I like working in an intercultural setting. I'll take any available opportunity to work with people from other cultures because I love it!

    Martin van Brakel

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