From burned out to blossomed open

Leon was born and raised in Limburg. He had a job as a social worker and was very capable in what he did. Two years ago, Leon suffered burnout and went back to live with his parents. He was in bed all day. Leon had regular meetings with a participation coach and decided to look for volunteer work, to build a daily routine.

Online, Leon found info from Serve the City and came to us for an introductory meeting. The first time we met him, he was slumped in his chair, shoulders down, listless almost. We were shocked by this. Someone so young and so downtrodden and insecure.

Leon started as a volunteer and helped with various activities of Serve theCity. This gave him an increasingly better self-image, more recognition and satisfaction. Leon grew into a project leader of our Big Volunteer Day, mentored a volunteer group and put his talents to use.

During the Big Volunteer Day, he met Victor, an international student who had recently moved to Maastricht and could not build up many social contacts because of COVID-19. Both had an instant click; Victor and Leon are the same age and shared a passion for photography. Since they met at Serve the City, they meet regularly to capture the city in images.



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