Be a friend, be a NOAH.

Meet a NOAH with whom you share a similar hobby or interest.

Volunteer For A Day!

Many people doing small things can make a BIG difference; so look for a project you can join and register now!

Join Our Team

Get more involved in the organization of our events and use your talents to serve our beautiful city Maastricht.

Company Team Building

Strenthen your team and at the same time, have a direct impact on our city.

We connect volunteers

We build relationships with local associations that are caring for people in need and create opportunities for volunteers to serve.

Make a difference

Sign up to a project and discover that the things you love to do can make a difference in someone’s life.

We're everywhere!

Serve the City started in Brussels in 2005 with a week of volunteering and is now active or starting in 65 cities around the world!

What else?

We want to strengthen relationships between neighbours and respond to the needs that only locals really understand, so now look out for us in various points throughout the city!

Partners & Sponsors

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