Walking Fire Maastricht

From 1 to 17 March, in the run-up to the Dutch elections, a ‘walking fire’ will be going through the Netherlands! From Dokkum to The Hague and from Maastricht to Groningen: vigils and journeys for humane migration policy take place all over the country. As Serve the City Maastricht, we gladly participate! The action is nationally coordinated by Lopend Vuur of the international organization Migreat.

The devastating fire in Camp Moria, children growing up in mud, sinking boats and people drowning: the misery on the European borders is enormous. Yet there are parties that stand for even tougher border policies, more deals and camps, fewer refugees and migrants. And with that a less human Netherlands and Europe.

With this vigil on the Markt (in front of the town hall) in Maastricht on March 3, 2021 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm, we will inform bystanders about the consequences of their vote and we want to show Dutch politicians that there is support for humane migration policy. Do you want to join? Great! We ask you to consider the following:

  • Due to the corona measures, we would like to ask you to wear a mouth mask and stand at a distance of 1.5 meters from each other. Dots will be drawn on the ground with sidewalk chalk that you will stand on. If you have COVID19-related health complaints, we ask you to stay at home.
  • Since the promotion is called ‘Walking Fire’, we would like to ask you to bring at least one candle, but more is certainly allowed, please! We would also ask you to bring a pair of walking shoes. These can be placed next to the burning candle as a symbol to commemorate the journey of the refugees and those who died in the process.
  • Just before the vigil, participants will receive a number of photos and signs by e-mail that can be printed and taken with them. If you want to make your own sign to take with you, that’s fine too. However, large banners are not allowed.
  • Some team members from Serve the City Maastricht will wear yellow vests. They will walk across the Market to coordinate the vigil. They are the ones you can ask questions and will sometimes give ‘instructions’ as well.

The Municipality of Maastricht has asked us to give an indication of the expected number of people who will come. It is therefore very important that you register using the form below. Your data will be used to keep track of the number of participants and send a one-time email just before the wake. It is also nice if we can reach you by phone on the day itself. After the wake, your entered data will be deleted.

If you cannot come to the Markt on March 3, you can also show your participation by emailing a photo of yourself with a candle in your hand. We will show the submitted photos on social media to also make online participation visible. You can email the photo to: info@stcmaastricht.nl

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