Sprucing up a children’s farm

Do you enjoy nature and like helping others to enjoy it, too? At the children’s farm, there’s basic gardening, cleaning, painting, and other odd jobs to help it run as a safe and fun place for all ages to enjoy. Even if you grew up as a city kid, you can feel like you are a farmer for the day. Sign up and have a wonderful morning together during our Big Volunteer Day on Saturday, June 24.



09:30   Welcome at The Social Hub

10:00   Head to the project

12:00    Finish project and go for lunch

12:30   Lunch at The Social Hub



This project for the Big Volunteer Day will start at The Social HubSphinxcour 9A in Maastricht. The project will then be at Kinderboerderij de Heeg, Maastrichterweg 2b in Maastricht.


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