Have you ever thought something like this?

I want to make a difference but I don’t know where to start…

I met a new resident in the city of Maastricht. He and his family fled from Syria and I want to help them…

We never go out for dinner as a family because we do not have the money …

Each month, Serve the City Maastricht organizes a free potluck dinner for residents of Maastricht called the Cross The Line Dinner.” But this event is much more than a dinner. This event is about community and connecting people living in Maastricht since we believe one of the best ways to do that is over a nice meal shared in pleasant company.

Serve the City Maastricht organizes a community dinner every month. On this evening we invite residents from different backgrounds – seniors, underprivileged, students, people with disabilities, newcomers, immigrants, families. By sitting together at the table, talking to each other and offering a listening ear, citizens are connected with each other. During these Community dinners, connections arise between people who would not easily meet each other in daily life. They draw together and learn from each other’s experiences. Serve the City Maastricht forms and strengthens communities by bringing together people from different backgrounds. At Serve the City Maastricht everyone is welcome, regardless of origin, age, nature, race, religion, color, disability, education or work.

So what are you waiting for? Cross the Line!

Invite that old gentleman from your street, ask that student in your tutorial, invite that family to go out for dinner, invite the family from Syria, invite them to enjoy a great group of people who like to help each other.

Are you full of energy, ideas, plans and ambitions? Then come and join us make this great moment happen! If you love cooking or sharing your favorite dishes, or if you enjoy taking care of kids, or if you would like to share your musical or performance talents, register now!                                                                                                    


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