Does this sound familiar… ?

What happened to that elderly gentleman from my street? How is he doing? I haven’t seen him in a while….

I want to make a difference to others, but I’m not sure what I’m good at and where I can find a place to do so….

In my tutorial, there is a student who is going through a difficult period but I do not know what I can do for her….

At work I meet people in need, but because of the position I am in, I’m not able to help them ….

I met a new resident in the city of Maastricht. He and his family fled from Syria ….

There are so many ideas in my head that could make life a lot more pleasant for others, but I could never accomplish that on my own ….

We never go out for dinner as a family, because we don’t have the money ….

I am single and I’m tired, I’m cooking for myself and I feel like a hermit ….

Because of my health issues, I’m unable to renovate my house and I find it difficult to ask for help ….

I’m studying in Maastricht and during the time I am here I want to get a real feel for the city and its inhabitants ….

Well, we feel the same and so do several others; so let’s do something about it!

On Saturday, February 3rd, Serve the City Maastricht is organising a free dinner from 17:00 – 20:00 at The InnBetween (Capucijnenstraat 122) for the residents of the city of Maastricht, with the purpose of bringing people together to get to know each other.

… Cross The Line!
Invite that old gentleman from your street, ask that student in your tutorial, invite that family that would want to go out for dinner, invite the family from Syria, invite the people who can use some assistance, advice and let them enjoy a great evening with a large group of nice people who like to help each other!

Are you full of energy, ideas, plans and ambitions? Then come and join us yourself to help us make this great moment happen! If you love cooking or baking and sharing your favourite dishes (feel free to ask us to use the venue’s great kitchen), or if you enjoy taking care of kids, or would like to share your musical or performance talents, register now!


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