Volunteer for a day and discover that it is very easy to make a difference in the life of someone else.

The LEFteam foundation offers young people who (due to circumstances) cannot find their place in society a perspective by letting them discover their talent (s) themselves. We are extremely proud of these young people and would like to help them to make their dreams come true. That is why we are going to build a community garden with them; a meeting place for these young people and their neighborhood residents. Would you like to realize their dream? Sign up for this project, put your boots on and help planting vegetables with these young people during the Big Volunteer Day


09:15 Welcome @ The Masters, Hoogbrugstraat 42

09:30 Info

10:00 Projects begin

13:00 Lunch!

Since the bulk of the projects are scattered around the city please bring a bike to get to your project location easily.


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