Various organizations (including Huiskamer Sjuif a-en, Neighborhood Platform Heer, Proef!, Meeting Shop Scharn and Meeting Center Aen de Wan) are coming together to organize ‘Heer Meet’ on Sunday, October 1. The event will include lunch and activities to help people talk to each other, listen to music together, watch theater, etc. The entire program is still being developed.

To help this day be a success, Serve the City is looking for volunteers to help prepare lunch, then stick around to interact with all the people from the neighborhood who attend. Sign up below, and find how easy it is to help brighten someone’s day!



10:00   Preparing lunch

12:00   Welcome

12:30   Meal and activities

14:00  End project



Heer Ontmoet will be at Aen de WanEinsteinstraat 32 in Maastricht.


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