Poverty. Many of us think that it is only found in far countries. But this is not true. Let’s zoom in on our city, Maastricht. At first sight, it seems like it is a rich city; but when you look closely, you will notice that that is not right. Around 14,000 people, only in Maastricht, live in poverty. They only have 35 euros to spend for a week. But you, the average resident, have three times as much to spend!

Now the real question comes – how can we make a difference for them? We cannot do a lot about their income, but that does not mean that we cannot help.

For this reason, Porta Serves The City was established. Well, that is cool and all that, but how can you contribute now? For that, we have devised a simple roadmap:

Step 1: Look around you;
Step 2: Get the product that is closest to you and you do not need anymore, but that may be useful to another (clothing, food, care supplies, etc.);
Step 3: Take it to school, or give it to your child;
Step 4: Deliver it or let your child hand it over on a collection day at the Porta Serves The City desk.

We take care of the rest, like transport to all food banks in Maastricht. And voila, you have made a difference now, thanks to this little effort!

What can you hand in, and when? To start with, there is a collection day every 2 weeks on Wednesday.

What can you hand in? The list is endless – from clothing, to food, to care products – as long as it is unopened and durable, we will be able to help someone else with this!
We look forward to your support and we will see you on November 29th, at the Serve The City counter.

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