Inside Look: Greet de Rechter

What is your role in Serve the City Maastricht? 

Hi, my name is Greet de Rechter. I have a big passion for the people in Maastricht. As a family, we are socially involved with the foundations Serve the City Maastricht. Together with my team, I have the privilege of leading STC with lots of passion and fun. It is awesome to experience that small loving signs can make a big difference in lives of the people of Maastricht.

How long have you worked for STC as a member and as a project leader?

My STC-love all started in February 2015. My husband Tim and I, together with more than 95 volunteers, rolled up our sleeves and covered the playground of the Suringar School in a new jacket. We were lovingly welcomed and with the saw in our hands, we found new people.

How do you contribute to the organization, which qualities do you bring?

Together with [the volunteers at Suringar school], we made a difference in the city. It felt great! That event convinced me that I can be serviceable to someone in a simple way, and it’s crazy, it’s great to see a smile on someone’s face.

My dream for the city is that every resident of Maastricht may experience how it is to be serviceable to the other: your family, your neighborhood, a club or voluntary work.

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