Making an Ympact: Porta Serves the City

1 dream of 2 students

1 school brave enough to bring this dream alive

1 student council with numerous passionate students who support this project

3 foodbanks who get products out of this project


Today there was a meeting between Food Package Team DRIC, Marijke and Sandy who shared their experiences with the students. The importance of that one product that can be brought each time there is a Porta STC event became more clear when they shared the story as witnesses of real poverty in Maastricht, shared from the heart, shared in love for the people living in Maastricht. The impact of these stories were felt by everyone.


In december Ympact: Porta Serves the City will celebrate its one year anniversary, how we are going to do that? Please stay updated on the project through our social media and website.


Young people having an impact: Ympact!

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